Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life begins now!

Ahh...what a day, got so much going on right now....what with all the people i met just this week, wheew....must be a blessing pouring down from above, "The Someone", who sees me as being totally welcoming and enjoying the adventure of a lifetime..meeting people both interesting and the extraordinarily dull, but i love them all. The joy of meeting my brothers' family this week was so much as an anticipation because I haven't met them for the past four months....they came marching in from the airport down towards the waiting area where me and my family waited for them. The hugs, kisses, and handshakes made it worthwhile to wait at least for one hour, what with the delayed flight from where they come from.......our hometown, way down south...we miss them all, and here they are today...for a week of vacation of fun.....of laughter......of food tripping.......midnight talk and endless shopping. Another day looking forward to a grand bonding time.

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