Sunday, February 28, 2010


A scare crow for fun? Yellow Monday scare...hehehhehehe..... lot's of love for everyone!

Marriage Monday, Makes My Day!

Prayer in Marriage


He used to work in the college Christian radio station as one of the technicians and a programmer. I heard him on air one time and really love his voice. Well, to make the short story short, I visited the radio station to see who was behind the voice. We met, and later I applied and was accepted in the same station as one of its voice anchors for a Classical Music program. We became fast friends and later co-anchored a Radio Quiz Program. Our love story began there.I graduated ahead of him because he has been working his way through his college education. I for one went to work quite far from the said college. My boyfriend told me that if we want to be strong in our relationship we have to have prayer time every 9:00 p.m.We made that promise to really set aside this special time to pray for each other.That promise made the relationship stood the tests of time. He graduated from college, was sent to a mission field really far from where I was stationed. Well. it was the beginning of a funny developing relationship then, why? We did not have cellphones way back in the 80"s to the early 90's. Both of us were still beginning workers in the Lord's vineyard. Letters sent by him arrived to me after a month.

Our good friend Mr. Tanamal, an operator of a "Hum Radio" offered us a slot every Thursday at 7:00 used his frequency so we can talk. That first Thursday my boyfriend called me through the "Hum Radio," I received a squeek, a bang....then a brrrrrrrring....sound..then his voice was on air...I heard him....we talked about how we miss each other...then suddenly there was a chorus from somewhere....a wolf whistle.....then a voice...shouting from the other end from one "radio hummer" saying! "hello, regards to the two of you over there...hahhaha, we can hear you loud and clear, over! Whoaaaa!....everybody on air heard what we were talking....hahhahahhaha...we did not know by then that so many people where using the same frequency we were using. Well, we accepted the fact that the only communication available was this one " the "hum radio." We loved that technology, people heard us, enjoyed our relationship on air, and we specially announced that when 9:00 p.m. strikes, everybody has to keep silent because this is prayer time for us. Everyone on air respected that and later joined to pray for our relationship! Ladies and gentlemen, blogging friends on air after eight long years of courtship, "Hum radio" air time, "storm breakouts" with only the "hum radio" available, we finally announced on air that we finally "tied the knot." Our family now has grown, we are blessed with two beautiful children blessings our ministry together.The 9:00 o'clock prayer time made us stronger and eager to continue God's work assigned to us. Our family motto now is, " The Family that Prays together, stays forever."


To all friends in the blogging space, this is an invitation to all of you from my friend of Marriage Monday, come and join this invite. I Love this Monday post!

Prayer in Marriage

This month, by special request our group topic is "Prayer in Marriage." Please join us for Marriage Monday on Mar. 1, 2010. You're free to approach this subject any way you wish.Give your entry a title and let the Spirit lead you as you write.

A Few Writing Suggestions: It's no secret that many couples have difficulty praying together. Men, especially, can be uncomfortable expressing their intimate spiritual thoughts. What have you learned that helps you both to break through those barriers?

Consider sharing your experience in one or more of these areas..

When do you pray as a couple
Frequency of prayer
• Why you
don't pray
Answers to your prayers
Prayer partners for your marriage
• Praying for
your children

Rewards of praying together

• Prayer for your husband's salvation

...and so on. Maybe you would simply prefer to post a prayerinstead.

Please Bring a Friend

Feel free to copy any part of this invitation and post it on your blog. As always, the more participants we have, the better.

Welcome Newcomers

Please jump in and join us! Your blog entry doesn't need to be fancy, clever, or very long. Just speak from your heart.Once you've posted, come back and add your permalink to MckLinky. Then, take a few minutes to visit a few of the other Marriage Monday contributors.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yummy Sunday!


5 ripe mangoes
1 can of fat free condensed milk
2 cans of Nestle Table Cream
1 box of cinnamon honey graham crackers


Combine two mangoes sliced , 2 cans table cream and condensed milk in blender and mix it well.
Slice very thin the other 3 mangoes
In 9x13 inch dish lay the honey graham crackers evenly then put mango sliced on top of crackers then pour the mixed ingredients on top of the mango fruit then repeat the layer. Save 3 crackers and smash it and sprinkle on top. Put in the freezer for about 3 hrs then ready to serve. Enjoy!!!!

Mango Float is a favorite treat to my family, we had one this Saturday and my,
my, it just evaporated in to buy more mangoes now, coz, it's
already in season....yummy, yum, yum.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You Lord....for just everything.

I just feel exhausted, am about to drop. My exam in Anatomy and Physiology ( Biopsychology) was really brain wracking. It was a take home comprehensive exam, but it took me one week to do it. Well, God is really gracious, if we were to take it as is, I don't know what my exam results would be. So for now, I am really, really unbelievably thankful to God for:

Providing us with a very, very, amazing and understanding professor who kept on giving us chances to do our best. Dr. Vicky Mergal, God bless you always.

Safe camping days of our daughter. She is in training for Christian Leadership, and they went camping this week. She said, she really enjoyed all the activities....especially, great!

My son who took the Regional Achievement Exam for Grade Five. We prayed and he took everything in stride. He was tired after the exam but went out to play with his friends....he told me this is stress-busting...hhehehehe go ahead my and make your day.

Success of the University's Triple Accreditation. We had accreditors coming from the US too and from our local area. I think, we passed the interview well. To all who prepared everything, praise God you are still up and kicking. Congratulations to all of us.

To all of you friends in the blogging planet......who are busy, busier than me, busiest at these times....HUGS...BIG...BIG...HUGS!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

I suppose this dress may make everyone crazy. Can't wear it either, it's so............for comedy skit, maybe, for costume party....hmmmm...better watch for the hounds...hehhehehe just to make me smile...yeah.....made my day, just for this post.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guys! Let's Do It Now!

I and my husband have been going around the University campus for these past two weeks to scout and find an area where we can park the motorbike of our kids. We only had one for the car provided by the university facility in-charge. As of last Friday, we were instructed to pay a visit to another supervisor whom the facility in-charge knew could provide us with a vacant area near the other car park.

Our teenage daughter and our son has been inkling to have this Motorbike Garage as soon as possible so they can help put it up and kind of.....decorate it according to their taste. We eventually talked with that referred supervisor and he provided us an area very near the back park of our apartment. In time he also provided us with description of Motorcycle Garage, that it is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel panels. It has a built in metal floor and large double door access making it perfect for keeping out bikes and equipment safe and dry in or out of the riding season. Additionally this secure garage uses a robust 5 point locking system...wheeew...a wolf whistle for that. It has integral fold down access ramp, an integral heavy duty metal floor, plywood flooring to help prevent tire damage plus an electrical mounting plate and a specially designed helmet and leathers hook. A unique slotted side vent system allows exhaust fumes and vapours to escape. We wanted it now, and we wanted it bad.

Yes! at last this Sunday we went to a distributor of Motorcycle Garage to purchase what we needed for our garage. The children were so excited they postponed all activities today to choose the one they like. We traveled an hour to this depot. Thank God for innovations like this one, we've done it.

A great day today!

This blogger award was sent by Chris of Mommy Journey. Thanks Chris for inspiring me today, this is great....I was in the dumps this morning....this is one of those days I feel am failing myself, but the Lord sent you and this award and this made me smile. A million thanks to you my friends today for the kind words of encouragement, for the "push" to go on and write a post, join a post, click friends, and return thanks yous and read great comments. YOU ARE GREAT GUYS, HOPE I CAN MEET YOU ONE DAY. GOD BLESS ALL!

There are only 4 tasks to do. Here they are:

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award.

Thank you
Rose and Levy for including this award. I haven't received an award for quite some time.

2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.

Here they are in any order:

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I laugh a lot.
I love flowers and nature.
I love young people.
I am passionate at volunteer work.
I am passionate with music: classical and Christian.
I love experimenting at the kitchen.
I am simple at heart and love the Lord with all my heart.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


My Mom, Mommy Joy, during one of her painting exhibits. At the background were her art works, sold and delivered here and abroad.

Today is a special tribute to mom. It's MOM'S B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y TODAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, WISH YOU ALL THE BEST THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. She is 73 years old today, February 20, 2010. We called her up at lunch and sure enough, mom.....was so happy to hear from us. She was with friends today, though she said she did not plan a celebration but instead just be with her friends. We missed her birthday 'coz , we're so far right now, so we called her up and she said all of us siblings called to sing her, a happy birthday. My brothers' family is giving her a surprise by dinner, so we have to wait for that.

Anyway, my mom has given her life to us. She is not perfect, though she got lots of talents to share. She is a visual artist, and educator, a planner, a musician: plays piano, bass guitar, ukelele and sings. We inherited from her the gift of music and art, 'coz all of us do the same stuffs she does. She had exhibited her paintings many times over locally and has sold her paintings here and abroad. She is very active in church, as a member of the church board, womens ministry, choir, health ministry and what you got there, you see Mom. So all us actually does these activities, charity, volunteering, church name it, we followed her work and we are just like her in so many ways. As a family we have our ups and downs but through all these we survived greatly because we always have God through thick and thin....through traumas and pains, and joys and rejoicing.

We learned from Mom the joy of giving, sharing, loving unconditionally, thanking God everyday, and through it all, toughing out and smiling even in the worst of any situations. She supported us three siblings from high school through college because our dad died early of a heart attack. All of us graduated with a will to succeed. I am the eldest and in my last graduate program, my brother is an engineer and a pastor and my sister is a physical therapist. To top it all she has provided educational scholarship to a dozen or more people we did not even know. With all Mom's heart, she made us children as successful at what we want to be. God is great all the time for sharing us MOM...the greatest in the whole wide world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM....may God shower you with all the good things you want, in this world. Serving the Lord is the best legacy you have given us, and it made us richer in all things!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Laugh and every one will laugh with you!

Today is Friday and to me it's the day to end all busy days. I love weekends because it's time to sleep well, eat well, laugh loud, relax and enjoy, attend church service, fellowship with friends, swim to my hearts content or dine and watch a concert, or do my laundry fast speed....hahhaha.... I move a lot, and do things in seconds,, they call me hyperactive.....well to end my blogging week, I want to share this comic strip to all friends out there for good measure. Get a good laugh honey and Happy Weekend everyone.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I always feel fabulous come Thursday. Why? because I have so many reasons to be thankful for God's grace in our family life. Today, I am thankful for:

The Family Relationship Valentines Renewal Program (FRVRP) we attended. The families who were present vowed to make the family relationships work in order to protect spouses and children from outside negative influences. I was tasked to speak on Spouses Self-Worth which I entitled: "Time Out for Love," and my husband spoke about: "Sparkling Marriages, Sparkling Family Relationships." After all these activities, we enjoyed foodie and games galore.

New friendships from this church who hosted the FRVRP, mentioned above.

My two kids played a trumpet-flute duet about God's love and grace to each family members.

Meeting retired pioneers from our former church. We invited them to visit our place too and reminisced those good ol' days. The couple really beamed and smiled as they recounted those days. We are happy for them.

My brother who directed a Valentine musical titled: " Love Can Wait." We are a family of musicians and we do a lot of crazy things to liven everybody's heart. Kudos! brother for the success of the musical extravaganza, we missed it, but we prayed for the programs success.
This is my brother John and wife Grace....after the Concert, my brod directed, "True Love Waits." Am proud of you guys.....drum it up!

Blogging friends all over the 35 countries who visited and greeted special love thoughts, daily encouragement, reminders of God's perfect love.....I take a bow....thank you, thank you, thank you. God's blessings is poured to each one of you today.


For those husbands who are always trying to hide the out, for we wives have double vision..hehhehehe.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This is the ruby shirt i want to send to my brother because he loves red and a lefty. Cute right?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

The Kaamulan” is from the Binukid word “amul” which means “to gather”. It is a gathering of Bukidnon tribespeople for a purpose. It can mean a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these put together.

Showcasing the unique indigenous culture of Bukidnon, the Kaamulan is held annually in the province, particularly in Malaybalay City, the provincial capital, from the second half of February to March 10, which latter date marks the anniversary of the creation of Bukidnon as a province in 1917.

As an ethnic festival, the Kaamulan celebrates the customs and traditions of the seven tribal groups that originally inhabited the Bukidnon region, namely, the Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon. Several tribal folks representing these seven hill tribes of Bukidnon gather in unity with the local dwellers in town, wearing their intricately woven costumes studded with trinkets, anklets, earrings, necklaces, leglets, headdresses and amulets. They dance together, chant, perform ancient rituals, and compete in indigenous sports. There are three prominent colors of Kaamulan....Yellow, Red and Blue.This festival is from my place, am gonna miss this year's celebration.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Start Copy Here =


‘For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whosoever
Believeth In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.’John 3:16

Master List: 1. Pinay Mommy Online 2. Straight from the Heart 3. The Mommy Journey 4. Written by Mys 5. Pensive Thoughts 6. A walk to Remember

Yummy Sunday

Suman sa Ibos or Sweet Sticky Rice wrapped in coconut leaves is a staple delicacy in our family, every special occasion. So I have this picture here for everyone to see. The intricate wrapping is really a craftsman specialty, that's why we order it from a neighbor who really knows how to do it fast time. Uhhhhmmmmm, so yummy indeed!

  • 3 c glutinous rice
  • 3 tsp salt
  • 2 c coconut milk
  1. Soak glutinous rice in water until grains are swollen. Wash rice and drain. Add salt and coconut milk.
  2. Fill 2/3 of the palm tube containers. Close opening of the tube by pinning ends together with a piece of bamboo pick (about 1/3 the size of a toothpick). Tie each suman with strips of buri.
  3. Arrange in a deep kettle with water and cover container. Boil suman for two hours or until cooked.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

FFI..... we go!

1. Pickles .....awesome, my favorite for for anti- blues
2. Laughing and playing with my family....... at home.
3. The snow is .......deep, in your country but someday I and my family would want to play with it too.
4. .........Amazing love of God found nature.
5. It's 5:16 PM; that means, .........ready to meet my family after school and after work.
6. Beautiful people inside hard to find.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a special devotion with my family....., tomorrow my plans include speaking engagement wih families for a Pre-Valentine Specials for Families Program and Sunday, I want to have an amazing Para-gliding Valentine date with my hubby, yeheeeeeyyyyy......! really looking forward to it, this is a dream valentine date.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday: For Everything

I am always blessed with Thankful Thursday. This is the day that the Lord has reserved for me to bring back to Him all the blessings that He shared to me. I am thankful :

For my 13 year old son Tedd, who led out in the devotional to about a hundred young people, parents and children. He presented : " In All Circumstances Give Thanks." He talked about the Haiti events which is comparable to Job's catastrophe in the Bible, and how everything worked out for Job because he believed in a God Almighty. He even presented video clips on Haiti with all the stats involved. He ended His devotional talk with a challenge and a prayer. We are very proud of him for delivering this devotional to the people of the Lord.

For 15 year old daughter, Ksha, who is very active in church activities and led out in an outreach program for underprivileged children. She taught them songs, she sang a special song about God's love, taught them how to draw, and participated the feeding program after they have done all the lessons. Praise the Lord for helping us bring up kids on fire serving the Lord.

For my mom, who is now safely back home. She was hospitalized this week after she collapsed in the school where she worked as a volunteer principal. We told her to stop working and just rest, but we can't beat her at this. She said she will die working for the Lord. The Lord provides her good health ahead.

For my husband, who is now out for medical outreach. Bless his team as they do their medical work today. Am praying for safety and success for the outreach team to the least of our brothers. I miss this activity but I have class today. The group may be due home late at night.

For friends on the alone right now 'coz everybody is out, my class is at at 5 p.m., but you are there....cheering everyone on.....come on guys.....let's cheer one another....this old weary world needs your smile....Smile....and hug somebody today.

Hugs and kisses,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


With all said and done: Be happy....for all things work together for good to them who love God and to them who are called according to His purpose, Romans 8:28

Monday, February 8, 2010

Funny Valentine Ruby Dress

I am trying to scout a costume for this Sunday's Valentine Party for Couples. The theme is "Unconventional You." I think one of those featured hula costume could send a riot in the party lawn...hehhehe, am gonna try the one on top which has ruby colors coordinated in the costume.

Hurry! get me rescue!

I've got so many things going on today. What with the assignments on Advanced Statistics required every meeting by my professor. I was scanning the problem set given of Small Scales and Big Scales Business on Food and the Drug Industry cases and how costumers fared well on product lines, staff services, delivery time satisfaction, etc., which I have to do an analysis. The problem was my notes was borrowed by a classmate and up to this time, was not return to me. My husband is an angel, he just tossed to me right now a copy of directory sync where I can search on how software for the food and drug industry and even retail and wholesale markets were developed today. I can now effectively do data analysis on researches done on the business cases assigned to me. My husband informed me, that I can choose a highly recognized and comprehensive backoffice software and professional support service which is use to address critical retail management tasks.

Wow...I thought I could not ace this assignment, but I am sure with what I have been doing so far would make me the envy of the class. Shoot... I have to finish everything now in time for my three o'clock p.m. class. I have to put my "Don't Disturb" sign at the door. Ssssshhh...silence....researcher at work!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

MYM: Cagayan de Oro City Parade

This is my city's float during last year's fiesta. The amazing colors stood out that made this float so amazing. The man represents the tribal heritage of the city. The celebration is marked by float contest, street dancing, drum and bugle contest, food fair, trade fair, agri fair, beauty contest and lighted lanterns on the city's river.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scenic Sunday

The Twin Falls from my school. We used to hike four hours to reach this falls and though the water is iced cold, everybody jumps in for a refreshing bath after the long, long walk. Miss this place right now.

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

My favorite song through the ages is "Lead Me Lord." The Lord has been leading us this far in my ministry with my husband. We've been working with young people who have struggles with all kinds of dependency problems. We've launched our "Regeneration Ministry" five years ago and thus far through God's wisdom has led a lot of young people and old ones alike to go back to their Redeemer.


Lead me Lord, lead me by the hand
And make me face the rising sun
Comfort me through all the pain
That life may bring
There's no other hope
That I can lean upon
Lead me Lord Lead me all my life
Walk by me, walk by me across
The lonely road that I may face
Take my arms and let your hadn
Show me the way
Show the way to live inside your heart
All my days, all my life

Refrain: You are my light
You're the lamb upon my feet
All the time my Lord
I need You there
You are my light I (just) cannot live alone
Let me stay
By Your guiding love
All through my life
Lead me Lord
Lead me Lord Even though at times
I'd rather go alone my way
Help me take the right direction
Take Your road Lead me Lord
And never leave my side
All my days
All my life
You are my light
You're the lamb upon my feet
All the time my Lord
I need You there
You are my light I (just) cannot live alone
Let me stay By Your guiding love

All through my life
All through my days Lead me, O Lord Lead me Lord