Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yummy Sunday!


5 ripe mangoes
1 can of fat free condensed milk
2 cans of Nestle Table Cream
1 box of cinnamon honey graham crackers


Combine two mangoes sliced , 2 cans table cream and condensed milk in blender and mix it well.
Slice very thin the other 3 mangoes
In 9x13 inch dish lay the honey graham crackers evenly then put mango sliced on top of crackers then pour the mixed ingredients on top of the mango fruit then repeat the layer. Save 3 crackers and smash it and sprinkle on top. Put in the freezer for about 3 hrs then ready to serve. Enjoy!!!!

Mango Float is a favorite treat to my family, we had one this Saturday and my,
my, it just evaporated in to buy more mangoes now, coz, it's
already in season....yummy, yum, yum.


  1. Hey Ate Gem! Is that you? I mean really you? Wow! nice to bump into you in this blog world. I come across your brother's blog one time but never had the chance again coz when he commented back he did not leave his blog's url.

    Anyway, i love mango float too! Too yummy that am sure if i had that daily i will die at 38. hahaha. 38 lang kay 37 naman ko karon.

    Where are you based these days? Are you in the states or still in the PInas? Anyways, regards kay Kuya! I was in MVC last December and wala naman diay mo didto but i knew friends ta and also kuya sa friendster and facebook.

    Hugss all the way from Iligan!


  2. i love mango float. yours just made my mouth water.

  3. another recipe on my list to be featured in my yummy sunday... seems very easy to prepare.. :) goodluck to me..:D