Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guys! Let's Do It Now!

I and my husband have been going around the University campus for these past two weeks to scout and find an area where we can park the motorbike of our kids. We only had one for the car provided by the university facility in-charge. As of last Friday, we were instructed to pay a visit to another supervisor whom the facility in-charge knew could provide us with a vacant area near the other car park.

Our teenage daughter and our son has been inkling to have this Motorbike Garage as soon as possible so they can help put it up and kind of.....decorate it according to their taste. We eventually talked with that referred supervisor and he provided us an area very near the back park of our apartment. In time he also provided us with description of Motorcycle Garage, that it is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel panels. It has a built in metal floor and large double door access making it perfect for keeping out bikes and equipment safe and dry in or out of the riding season. Additionally this secure garage uses a robust 5 point locking system...wheeew...a wolf whistle for that. It has integral fold down access ramp, an integral heavy duty metal floor, plywood flooring to help prevent tire damage plus an electrical mounting plate and a specially designed helmet and leathers hook. A unique slotted side vent system allows exhaust fumes and vapours to escape. We wanted it now, and we wanted it bad.

Yes! at last this Sunday we went to a distributor of Motorcycle Garage to purchase what we needed for our garage. The children were so excited they postponed all activities today to choose the one they like. We traveled an hour to this depot. Thank God for innovations like this one, we've done it.

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