Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lord is always so good. We've been through a lot of reunions during the holiday break and with family and friends we are always thankful. For this Thankful Thursday am so thankful for high school classmates who are taking care of our very sick classmate Cristy, to survive the crisis he is facing. Part of our reunion was to visit him: we prayed, reminisced, shed tears of laughter, joy and sadness, but through it all, we are so thankful that God has supported him this far. Just yesterday Dinah, another classmate informed us that although Cristy is in pain, he is still so thankful for the goodness and mercy of God and for high school friendships built. We thank you God in times of sadness, sickness and in time of bounty. Praise you, you are our savior.

I have been praying for my lost money. It meant a lot.....and it was an answered prayer, I found it yesterday....the money is intended for a friend's birthday and my son's coming birthday too. I really kept a portion of my allowance for months so I can give these two beloved persons in my life a surprise. For all the hustle of the weeks I misplaced it...where...I did not know. I prayed so hard for brain is really telling it's age...hhahahhaha! but just yesterday....something really clicked! prayers were answered.....I found this small treasure. Lord, thank you for keeping my finances intact and for making my brain neurons worked.

For all friends, thank you for your support. And a special blogging friend, who is always by my are a treasure, I know you can read this. Your comments always warm my heart and I always look forward to reading it. You've made my upside-down days warmer and happy. Meet you again in this blogging world. God has blessed you with a thankful heart and a beautiful encouraging spirit.


  1. I'm so glad you found your money! You know, this reminds me of my best friend. Not too long ago she lost something, I can't rmemeber what now. She had lost it for a long time. And she prayed that God would just show her where it was. And within a few minutes, she knew where it was and found it! Oh, thank you so much for the kind words! But, is there another Ginny, do you mean me? Maybe I'm too hasty to suppose...I really never thought I did anything special. Anyway, whether it is me or not, you have brought tears to my eyes! I'm having a really bad week, so thanks for making me feel good!!! You are a sweetheart!

  2. Ginny, it's you, the one and only you. From a distance you always made my day brighter. God bless you always.