Sunday, January 16, 2011

Got to Experience It Somehow!

Wow! my sister's boyfriend is up to his sleeves helping his friend preparing and psyching himself up for the greatest ride of his life. Jen, emailed and said both she and his boyfriend Craig were given tickets to this race that is deemed widely considered as the most significant and famous automobile experience in the world, the
Monaco Grand Prix. Wish, I could be there with them.Additionally, a wide selection of hospitality packages during the Grand Prix week-end is available to ensure everyone's absolute comfort, ranging from hotels, yachts, appartments and villas. If, I am not only tied with my work contract, I could fly myself and enjoy the show, for now, it would be the family glued to cable TV to watch.This is how to experience it somehow.Me and my family would be going for Webber and Schumacher.....cheers for our men!

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