Monday, January 17, 2011

Class Retreat: La Roca Trinidad

Class retreat happened last Saturday and Sunday.
We tackled the days program as follow:
Saturday : Groups Dynamics: Inner Directed and Self-Actualization Process. Everyone shared their visions in life and how to achieve each others goals in life. Testimonies were done late in the afternoon, with three visitors testifying God's leading in their lives. Emotions involved that day were mixed.We need some catharsis in the forms of tears, laughter, nervous discussions. Soon everything ended and all were refreshed. We topped the activities with swimming----hot springs galore....splashing all the way like children in a storm. Overnight singing, eating, talking. Oh! reality strike...I have an early 8 a.m. to late from last night's outing...


  1. This retreat sounds so jam packed, there was almost no time for rest?? Did you enjoy it? The hot springs sounds good!!!

  2. I didn't see these pictures yesterday!! Maybe they didn't come in? I only read about it! They are great, what fun you are all having!! Lots of very good pictures. I want to jump in the water with you!!

  3. Hello, ate musta namo diha.It's good to read your blog again. i miss you all!