Friday, October 30, 2009

Shopping destination Philippine style

Got a throbbing headache now, we're lost again, just like what i told you in my previous blog. We went around in circles trying to locate the best Philippine destination for shopping for less. It's somewhere in the maze of Divisoria, somewhere in old Manila. From going to and fro we finally met good souls who gave us the right direction. Hahahhaha, we're ready to dive in. The best thing to do is go around first and talk with the sales ladies, listen to their pitches, come back later and haggle to your hearts desire. Come on, haggle just haggle until the poor sales lady will really become exasperated, gave up and eventually give in to the price you want. Aha....big....big.....big bargain. From branded ( the local blouses, bags, shoes, jeans, brick-a-brack, nighties, yes in all colors, sizes, design to seduce the beholders eyes.....hahhahhaha, who, i don't's you who can tell. These finds are really shopping galore and to the max. I'm not a shopaholic at heart, but at that point, trailing my sister in law through the mazes,the noise and the sounds of haggling, well, what can you say, i caught the shopping flu. You know the feeling and the power of haggling and at the end the feeling of winnning, was really ecstatic. I don't want to be hooked........but in a span of one hour.....i got addicted, imagine, this was the first time i really, really bought for myself, 2 pairs of slacks, 1 pair of jeans, one tote bag and a purple blouse, i think when i get to go home i have to enroll myself in a 12AA program.....ayayay, got to say bye for now, my hubby's calling to go and I'll tell you all if i got myself in with the 12 Steps, wheew...bye-bye.

Intramuros, patio of a villa

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I think i got alzheimer

I didn't realize i had slight alzheimer...hahhaahha, i just forgot how time flew. Yesterday i met my brothers family and today we had a real blast traveling from one tourist spot cum educational tour. we actually got lost several times. i was the involuntary navigator of my husband who is our driver for this week vacation "grande". but lo and behold i forgot 98% of the street addresses of the places we were bound to visit, the last time i was here was way beyond, years back, when i was still single, etc. etc.etc......sorry kids.....if you want to scold me its fine......just hope you remember me as an aunt who have the biggest laughter in the whole wide world. i am always continually lost even in my own home fort. anyway this is adventure time and i hope you bear with me. The kids really enjoyed being lost with me, with the whole of us,hahhahaha.....what i did was feed them with food.....fooood and more foooooood....i have bagful of it, no complaints afterward. we have to ask people along the way for directions....bang, this time we arrive in the right place. A BIG....BIG.......190 DEGREES straight to the first place we wanted to visit, THANK YOU, LORD.... at last we arrive safely. after two hour of going around. Got to enjoy our time together.......blast offfff..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life begins now!

Ahh...what a day, got so much going on right now....what with all the people i met just this week, wheew....must be a blessing pouring down from above, "The Someone", who sees me as being totally welcoming and enjoying the adventure of a lifetime..meeting people both interesting and the extraordinarily dull, but i love them all. The joy of meeting my brothers' family this week was so much as an anticipation because I haven't met them for the past four months....they came marching in from the airport down towards the waiting area where me and my family waited for them. The hugs, kisses, and handshakes made it worthwhile to wait at least for one hour, what with the delayed flight from where they come from.......our hometown, way down south...we miss them all, and here they are today...for a week of vacation of fun.....of laughter......of food tripping.......midnight talk and endless shopping. Another day looking forward to a grand bonding time.