Sunday, January 3, 2010

Talk About...daily

Talk About..... (1)
Just want to start something new this this out!

Weak-willed to Will-powered!
1.Let us change our mindset- if we are tempted to eat this, eat that, sticking to our diet but can't----let's change our mindset.let's get away from the temptation....get up, run, jog, dance, visit a sick friend, distracting ourselves this way can boosts the refocusing of our urge to the temptation, and we stop the wanting it so much feelings.
2. See Ourself in our minds eye. Imagine and ask what will happen. We fool ourselves that we can handle things by glossing it. Reality check....let us focus on the details to push our willpower level.
3. Tap our shoulders. Failing for the first, the second time is not important...what's up is how to succeed in the present. Learn from our mistakes. Let us check our weaknesses and let us work out on how to over ride it.
4. Mini-vacation. A five minute break every hour is prevention to willpower disintegration. Let's plan what is realistic that can support our long term goals. Let us act "naughty" sometime give ourselves space. Come on...if your ex is giving you a hard time....Just say....NEXT....please...hhahahaha.

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  1. yes that's true, I made that mistakes before too, LOL!