Saturday, January 30, 2010

The New Game In Town

This is really a ton of funny, fun, fun. I can just laugh, be irritated, be agitated by how people spend their bathroom time rituals. I, for one is a fast bathroom user. My bath-time rituals would only be at the most thirty minutes and at fast-break time, only ten minutes. I have known friends who could be inside this small cubicle for eternity. I do not know for sure what they were doing inside, though for regular use, we knew the stats.

My brother for one can stay inside the bathroom forever.He inherited this habit from my dad, who, when inside the bathroom, can stay there for hours and hours on end. One time, out of curiosity I interviewed my brother what he was up to inside the bathroom, and he answered me, "it's reading time for him"...uhhhhh, reading inside the bathroom? Yup, he reads his magazines, books, diary, dictionary, whatever, he has on his hand and if he reads the whole mags....then that's the time he can be there forever.

This has become a legend in the from my dad's father was like that, and my father, and now my brother. It's like grandfather, like father,like son. I just thank the good Lord, nobody from my children inherited the habit, the trait, whatever we can call that. The thing is, my friend gave me a brochure about a game of golf for rituals like this. I said, what? a game for bathroom time? I was shocked, amused, laughed out loud, but thought from reading the brochure, that this is a real genius here, and hey, I don't want to break the family legend. So I will be scouting around for potty putter to buy one for my brother. This will be my valentine gift for him, hahhaha. By heart he is a sports buff, so playing this game might be another past-time he will enjoy during his private bathroom ritual. As long as he will not use this in public bathrooms, it's okey with me. He can be inside the home's bathroom for eternity and the rest of us can do our odd rituals too somewhere.

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