Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whewww...what a hot, hot, day!!!

We were running out of time, both my husband and I, were running late for our speaking engagement. We thought we can actually let the time stop but it's flying by the seconds and everything is in chaos at the house. Whoa, finally we arrived at the garage to get our car running. We have to arrived at the seminar venue before people arrive ahead of us, good our car just cooperated this morning. But..oh my the traffic has started now and the sun is glaring at 10 a.m., really beats me.Good the car's air conditioning is really giving its maximum cooperation, giving us the cool air we need to help us maintain our sanity. Cooler heads are needed now so we can be on time to prepare and show our smiles to people we will meet this morning. Just a month ago we got new discounted air conditioning compressor as replacement for the old one we had. A friend actually told us where to buy this part because it cost less and still would provide the best service for years to come.

Good friends are needed in times such as what happened to us this morning. The best part is they share good advices on how to maintain our car properly, its parts,and everything to keep the car going and giving us time to enjoy vacation days on the road an enjoyable experience to me and my family.Hot days off..we're on the go now...traffic,? no enjoying my ride today.

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