Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Miracle Most Needed

Just last week my sister-in law called my emergency number to give me the news that mom collapsed in the school where she is working as a volunteer principal. Well, she has retired long time ago, but still opted to work because she said it helps her retain her memory and makes here day brighter instead of just staying at home and watching the clouds pass by. I was so worried by the state of her health, but through the doctor's call, he assured me it was just potassium deficiency that caused the collapsed. She was prescribed potassium supplements and advice to rest for a few days and eat bananas, lots of it. My worry was that her insurance is not as up to date as I expect it to be. I have been doing follow up calls to the person assigned to her case, but
sometimes I just received static connections. My sister -in-law 's call came in as a God send.
She directly introduce me to a friend who knows about the rules and plans for a short term insurance to help me cope with the cost of hospitalization bills. She explained that
this is a very flexible and affordable insurance scheme, I can secure it online and I can get
immediate protection because its coverage starts within 24 hours.

This was a big, big relief in my part. I was thinking of so many options on how to help my mom.
What happened last week with the introduction of that short term insurance was a miracle that
save my finances. I can breathe easier, thinking that my mom was spared from an economic
meltdown. What with the skyrocket bills that sometimes are involved in hospitalization. I've
got to introduce these to friends whom I know will need it someday.

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