Thursday, January 7, 2010

Talk days musing... (2)

Be Happy! I discovered these things when my days where just as grumpy as it can get. I have to turn around a 360 degrees to overcome those slumps. Smile....everyone!

1. Let us not compare ourselves with the next person. This is the fastest way to be unhappy. Constantly comparing and checking things we do not have but our friends have.....hahahha let us choose a life with things that matter and that can make us happy.
2. Be aware of our self and not be absorb with our self. We can respond to what is happening around us, but there are times that we just have to do it!
3. Find times that are meaningful. Why not go out and volunteer ....relief ops....child tutoring....joining a for a sick person....a guide for the blind....raking a neighbors lawn.....reading to children....or street children....jail ministry....geriatric ministry....etc.
4. Be connected. Smile and connect with people in the office, the gym, school, cafeteria, church, parties, old people, young people, children, infants, people who are differently abled....we are happier when we have connections...remember...."no man is an island."

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