Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Is In the Air

Finally, my most anticipated month of the year has come. It is to me the most exciting date of the month among the dates on the calendar. The date 14 on February spells love is felt everywhere. I have been mesmerized how people made this day a very special day where everyone can express how they felt with somebody. One can legitimately express thoughts verbally, in written form, through music, mimicry, and what have you is really acceptable to the recipient of love thoughts.

One time, last year in February 14, I had the biggest surprise that ever happened in my whole life. Five men came to my office and started serenading me with two of my favorite love songs. In between the songs, one of the men, presented me with three red roses and read a love the end of it he spelled the name of who husband's name. I was crying then and sniffing, nothing came out of my mouth to say anything about anything. I was plainly tongue tied for the first time.Then suddenly, the next man knelt in front of me and presented me with a gift doing choreographic movement that was so amusing, I was both crying my hearts out this time and giggling. That moment was one of those strangest, beautiful moments my husband did. February 14 is coming soon and by the way, I spied from my husbands friends that my hubby is going to make another surprise act, because he knew of a valentine promotion coming from Article Alley Article Directory.

I am going to spread these rumors around my male friends so they too can act fast and really
get the hint that it's time to make the missus happy. This would make my girlfriends happy
and am now imagining the grins, the smile, the surprise laughter, the tears of joy when they
received gifts, surprises from the valentine promotion I shared with their husbands. Men, I say,
get ready, I am coming.

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