Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Family

We hit the cold water.......hahhahha, grand reunion, my bro's family and mine...hehehe.
Visiting. All Souls dad is 6 feet below the ground.....resting.
My daughter Starr, son Ypop, nephew IJ n niece Ddel, singing their hearts out.
Jubilee Park, million dollar view....contemplating on where to spend the next vacation time.
Entrance of our place, way back down south of the Philippines. Summer landscape.
The favorite waterfalls and the kids love it.
My brod's family in front of the school logo.

My special feature today is family bonding time....lots of vacation pics down the road. Love these times. We have to do some more of it often.


  1. A nice photo of a beautiful nature and your lovely family. Familybonding is really important and you seem to have had a really god time together.

  2. Families are so special. So glad you were able to celebrate yours... beautiful pics! :~D