Saturday, January 16, 2010

Headache Over.

I have been busting my head this past week due to assignments in research that has to be submitted on time to get the best grade this semester. My days are way off because of time limits given by professors who are A1 personality. Call me stress gal these days, I sometimes forget to eat my breakfast, lunch or supper. Assignments are overlapping and my time is running out, by the end of February everything should be edited and ready for submission. I need to break the cycle of stress to prevent myself, going gaga, my days would not be complete if I cannot listen to soothing, sometimes upbeat music to keep me going. What a great way in connecting to internet search engine as cool as anything to download software to get myself up and about with my work. This help a lot, so I can unwind and distress myself in-between researches. I can always call it a day when I have my favorite music on and by my side.

Research has it, that music enhances vital receptors in our brain to keep it alive and kicking. I have been telling friends to go for it and make their lives more colorful and exciting. We shared a lot of new music moods to enhance our daily acts now. I have influenced my children to do it and they are music crazy right now. Thanks to the latest technology, I can always have the latest searches, and be assured of the latest stuffs and be upgraded all the time.

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