Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I thank the Lord for,

My children, they are worth diamonds to me.....priceless...beautiful children.

My son, he was requested to be the speaker in a children's devotional on the second week of February, we are starting to practice now, how he would deliver his piece.

My daughter, whose painting was an entry to a regional art contest, God will provide everything for this contest to be successful. The honor is for the glory of God.

For my advanced statistics class, am finally getting hold on how to do the SPSS ( Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for us non Math wiz, this is a great help.

For our anatomy and physiology'am you're great, you made the lessons easy to understand and we will really study hard. Promise.

My husband.....who help me wash the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry, drive me around, do the grocery, empty the garbage can, follow up the kids assignments. I am blessed.

For the humor page my friends sent made my days turn upside down, in and up...hehehheheehheh some more of it guys, tickle me blue ok.

For weight gains last Christmas....hahhaha...I have to walk, jog, stretch, do aerobics, kickbox, swing, do karate, dance like crazy, move like a busy bee, jump a million times, blog and type and think kilometrically, laugh out loud....excretion of unholy fats inside me.

For readers, bloggers, passers, bloghoppers, visitors, hehhehe thanks a million. Love you.


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  1. HI! then you have blog jog too far. have a nice saturday!
    thnks for dropping by!