Sunday, January 24, 2010

MYM: The Yellow Fruit that can help lose weight.

Lacatan is one of the sweetest bananas found in the Philippines and in the tropics. The fruit is as sweet as eaten as well as it smells. We have a variety of colored bananas. There are red bananas, yellow green bananas, the yellow-orange ones, the yellow ones and the unripe yellow bananas which really turns orange-yellow when its ripe. All bananas are very high in potassium. The Lacatan variety is considered as the banana for export, for it last longer than the other variety. I brought these bunch for last Christmas give-aways to friends and visitors.


  1. While I don't do MYM I do do Maxine on Saturday where you signed Mr. Linky, gemini! So I just wanted to return your comment and say hello! You have a very nice blog! :)

  2. Hello Gemini

    Greetings from India.

    Nice blog and will catch up with it soon.

    Much of India being tropical also has a large output of bananas. I don;t think we have this variety here.

    Mavin - My Voice.

  3. I love bananas, I can almost smell those. Great photo.

    I have added a Mister Linky to my Mellow Yellow post to give us a place to sign in. I hope you will come over and add your link. It's at Through Squirrel Eyes
    Happy Mellow Yellow Monday.