Sunday, January 31, 2010

Marriage Monday

THE “US FACTOR CHALLENGE.” We have done these things and our marriage is strong as ever.

1. Surprise Factor- makes everyday a Valentine day

2. Positive Factor- even if he/she sucks, tell him/her, she/he is wonderful.

3. Working it out Factor- nothing beats it when both spouses work hard to get their marriage really work. It hurts to follow this path all the time.

4. Strip Tease Factor- go for it, be funny and sexy…ask your man to do it this time….hahhahaha, even ifs…….

5. Fighting for Love Factor – man, this world can be crazy, fight for love not for money.

6. Award Factor – appreciate your spouse whatever happens, a simple kiss, hug, thumbs up, a sexy phone call, etc. be creative, it’s free.

7. Start Right, End Right Factor- in any way, things will be all right when marriage is dedicated to God not to man. He is the Alpha and the Omega in our marriage.

Am still cracking my head up to now for this MM post, but I think my entry for Marriage Monday will make your day. Thanks for visiting, dropping a note, and joining. Your'e welcome always.

Please Bring a Friend
Feel free to copy any part of this invitation and post it on your blog. As always, the more participants we have, the better.

This month, your challenge is to share how you and your husband make each and every day of your marriage special. What are your daily relationship rituals? How do you nurture the “us” factor? Tell us the big or little things that make your marriage sing like a fine-tuned violin. A few examples:

• Casual chats
• Kissing
• Private jokes
• Rehearsed phrases
• Body language
• Shared activities
• Favorite foods
• Division of chores
• Intimacy signals
Love you for dropping your comments, it makes my day beautiful. Thanks for dropping me a note or two.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...makalingaw

  2. Happy February to you! Those are funny pictures, i like the clown nose.


  3. It's one great post. I like all your "US Factors" especially number 4, hahaha! You're so creative with your illustrations.

  4. This is priceless. That picture of the couple strolling together in their "unmentionables" as my mom might call it, love. it.

  5. You certainly have a good sense of humor! There must be lots of laughter in your marriage. (Lol, I recognize the beach in your last pic... Vancouver BC, Canada... spent a lot of time there.)

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday, today.



  6. Appreciated your photos and take on this weeks subject!

  7. Lovely post, made me smile. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for stopping by on MM. I can see that you know the value of humor in marriage as well just from seeing your offering. Fighting for love is SO important. It's the love, the real kind that keeps our marriages going on those days we don't especially LIKE the other person!
    Be Blessed!

  9. Your pictures were so fun. Thanks for your succinct tips.