Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just the Kind of Services I Needed

"Grace, I think we've got to do something with the way our finances are going." This was my opening statement to my sister-in-law before the clock struck Jan.1 2011. We were watching the fireworks outside our house when I thought about going really, really serious about putting up a new business for the family. Being the eldest I always would think something for the family financial affairs. She suggested that she could contact one or two people who can help us launch what we were thinking of...a food business. Just in time she mentioned a growth engine for small businesses just like what we have business checks that would be an excellent partner to unleash the potential of this business.She also mentioned that their innovative products and services are affordable and can help maximize our future profitability. kind of hooked on the idea. My sister-in-law better decides on this...she has the IQ for things like these. Am on the other side of the coin. Go,go,go sister, do whatever you can, am behind you all the way!


  1. So you are a very good cook? Would it be catering or a restaraunt? An exciting prospect for the New Year! I've missed you while you were away.

  2. Praying GOD will work it all out...HIS way and in HIS time! Thanks for coming by arise 2 write!
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,