Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is Amazing!

Whew! am in the real world now. After a two week vacation grande, well am right in my world now. Back to books, researches, classes,and tons of requirement for this semester. My sister in-law however sent me, what she calls, a faceless,smartest library that creates, edits,displays,prints Acrobat PDF documents. Grace,my sister-in-law says,
PDF Viewer is small, fast, easy to use and can be integrated in my projects. It has even lots of features I have to discover.She sent me yesterday the brochure and I think this afternoon I have to see my computer technician to help me with this product. Well, in this world of techno magic, am still, kind of lost. I marvel at products like these, and when presented with one, my mind gets muddled at what they can do, but, I have to be ahead of my time and learn such thing. Good, I have friends around to show me and explain the in and out of such technology. This is a big help, but I need more help, huh!

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  1. Oh, you are like me! I cannot read or listen to learn something like this. I have to have an actul person show me! And I take notes, too. Good luck!!