Monday, January 18, 2010

My Research Partner

Research is my life. I started this work when I enrolled in the Graduate Program last June. My life went upside down. I was out of school for the past sixteen years and suddenly me and my husband were catapulted into the world of studying, studying, and studying. We had a hard time adjusting to a life really new to us. Books, assignments, requirements, reports, journal readings, internet research is our life up to the time we are done with our upgrading contract. We were given three years and half to finish the academic requirements and research thesis. Well good enough, many amazing souls provided us with a search engine that has helped us in our research journey such as mentioned here. - Torrents Search Engine.I finally slept better now, because I am assured that whatever assignment is given by my professors is dealt with in a fast, and efficient manner.

Along this line, I was the only one yesterday who really finished and passed the assignment on advanced statistics. My professor appreciated it so much I did a good job in my statistics problem set. Wheeewww.. that was hard but I was thankful I cracked my head doing it. What helped was the tool that made my day. It was just a click away, and I had all the materials researched and downloaded from the research engine. This innovation has improved my life and the life of others so much that without it, I cannot survive my hectic research activities. Another plus, was I was able to introduce this research engine to my friends in which they were grateful to its big, big, help.

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