Monday, February 8, 2010

Hurry! get me rescue!

I've got so many things going on today. What with the assignments on Advanced Statistics required every meeting by my professor. I was scanning the problem set given of Small Scales and Big Scales Business on Food and the Drug Industry cases and how costumers fared well on product lines, staff services, delivery time satisfaction, etc., which I have to do an analysis. The problem was my notes was borrowed by a classmate and up to this time, was not return to me. My husband is an angel, he just tossed to me right now a copy of directory sync where I can search on how software for the food and drug industry and even retail and wholesale markets were developed today. I can now effectively do data analysis on researches done on the business cases assigned to me. My husband informed me, that I can choose a highly recognized and comprehensive backoffice software and professional support service which is use to address critical retail management tasks.

Wow...I thought I could not ace this assignment, but I am sure with what I have been doing so far would make me the envy of the class. Shoot... I have to finish everything now in time for my three o'clock p.m. class. I have to put my "Don't Disturb" sign at the door. Ssssshhh...silence....researcher at work!

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