Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marriage Monday, Makes My Day!

Prayer in Marriage


He used to work in the college Christian radio station as one of the technicians and a programmer. I heard him on air one time and really love his voice. Well, to make the short story short, I visited the radio station to see who was behind the voice. We met, and later I applied and was accepted in the same station as one of its voice anchors for a Classical Music program. We became fast friends and later co-anchored a Radio Quiz Program. Our love story began there.I graduated ahead of him because he has been working his way through his college education. I for one went to work quite far from the said college. My boyfriend told me that if we want to be strong in our relationship we have to have prayer time every 9:00 p.m.We made that promise to really set aside this special time to pray for each other.That promise made the relationship stood the tests of time. He graduated from college, was sent to a mission field really far from where I was stationed. Well. it was the beginning of a funny developing relationship then, why? We did not have cellphones way back in the 80"s to the early 90's. Both of us were still beginning workers in the Lord's vineyard. Letters sent by him arrived to me after a month.

Our good friend Mr. Tanamal, an operator of a "Hum Radio" offered us a slot every Thursday at 7:00 used his frequency so we can talk. That first Thursday my boyfriend called me through the "Hum Radio," I received a squeek, a bang....then a brrrrrrrring....sound..then his voice was on air...I heard him....we talked about how we miss each other...then suddenly there was a chorus from somewhere....a wolf whistle.....then a voice...shouting from the other end from one "radio hummer" saying! "hello, regards to the two of you over there...hahhaha, we can hear you loud and clear, over! Whoaaaa!....everybody on air heard what we were talking....hahhahahhaha...we did not know by then that so many people where using the same frequency we were using. Well, we accepted the fact that the only communication available was this one " the "hum radio." We loved that technology, people heard us, enjoyed our relationship on air, and we specially announced that when 9:00 p.m. strikes, everybody has to keep silent because this is prayer time for us. Everyone on air respected that and later joined to pray for our relationship! Ladies and gentlemen, blogging friends on air after eight long years of courtship, "Hum radio" air time, "storm breakouts" with only the "hum radio" available, we finally announced on air that we finally "tied the knot." Our family now has grown, we are blessed with two beautiful children blessings our ministry together.The 9:00 o'clock prayer time made us stronger and eager to continue God's work assigned to us. Our family motto now is, " The Family that Prays together, stays forever."


To all friends in the blogging space, this is an invitation to all of you from my friend of Marriage Monday, come and join this invite. I Love this Monday post!

Prayer in Marriage

This month, by special request our group topic is "Prayer in Marriage." Please join us for Marriage Monday on Mar. 1, 2010. You're free to approach this subject any way you wish.Give your entry a title and let the Spirit lead you as you write.

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• Praying for
your children

Rewards of praying together

• Prayer for your husband's salvation

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  1. This post was fantastic!!! I loved your story. How very, very sweet. Do you have photos from your ham radio courting days? 9:00 PM prayer... I will always think of you two praying at that time. God is so Good!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today. I added your permalink to MckLinky so others can find your post, OK?

    Blessings, e-Mom

  2. Bless you, and your marriage.

  3. Sweet story! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. What an amazing story!
    Thanks for sharing. :)