Sunday, February 7, 2010

MYM: Cagayan de Oro City Parade

This is my city's float during last year's fiesta. The amazing colors stood out that made this float so amazing. The man represents the tribal heritage of the city. The celebration is marked by float contest, street dancing, drum and bugle contest, food fair, trade fair, agri fair, beauty contest and lighted lanterns on the city's river.


  1. mau kapa kay nakakita aning parade..hehehehe

  2. HI, that's cool.. indeed there's a lot of yellow.. lively!

    And sure once I done my MYM, I'll be back in here.. have a good day maam.. smile.. (~_~)

  3. Dear God, PLease enlighten the Cagayan people for not following the masonic term " Panuway " and masonic Daredevil "DONGKOY".

    Thank you.