Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday: For Everything

I am always blessed with Thankful Thursday. This is the day that the Lord has reserved for me to bring back to Him all the blessings that He shared to me. I am thankful :

For my 13 year old son Tedd, who led out in the devotional to about a hundred young people, parents and children. He presented : " In All Circumstances Give Thanks." He talked about the Haiti events which is comparable to Job's catastrophe in the Bible, and how everything worked out for Job because he believed in a God Almighty. He even presented video clips on Haiti with all the stats involved. He ended His devotional talk with a challenge and a prayer. We are very proud of him for delivering this devotional to the people of the Lord.

For 15 year old daughter, Ksha, who is very active in church activities and led out in an outreach program for underprivileged children. She taught them songs, she sang a special song about God's love, taught them how to draw, and participated the feeding program after they have done all the lessons. Praise the Lord for helping us bring up kids on fire serving the Lord.

For my mom, who is now safely back home. She was hospitalized this week after she collapsed in the school where she worked as a volunteer principal. We told her to stop working and just rest, but we can't beat her at this. She said she will die working for the Lord. The Lord provides her good health ahead.

For my husband, who is now out for medical outreach. Bless his team as they do their medical work today. Am praying for safety and success for the outreach team to the least of our brothers. I miss this activity but I have class today. The group may be due home late at night.

For friends on the alone right now 'coz everybody is out, my class is at at 5 p.m., but you are there....cheering everyone on.....come on guys.....let's cheer one another....this old weary world needs your smile....Smile....and hug somebody today.

Hugs and kisses,



  1. wow! what beautiful blessings you got. glad your mom is okay and safe.

  2. wow! your kids are amazing! praise God for raising up godly children. May the Lord's favor be upon your family in return :)

  3. That's a lot to be thankful for, indeed you are blessed. Children who follow God are always a great source of joy for us parents.

  4. This is awesome: "He talked about the Haiti events which is comparable to Job's catastrophe in the Bible, and how everything worked out for Job because he believed in a God Almighty." I hadn't made the comarison to Job before. Wise insight.

    Your family sounds marvellous!

    (((Hugs))) e-Mom

  5. May God sweetly bless you, and your precious family.

  6. Sounds like you have a lovely family that is serving the Lord. Much to be thankful for there! I t is such a joy especially to see the kids serve the Lord! Sweet blessings on you. ~

  7. You are so blessed to have your whole family serving the Lord. Thank you for sharing it was a blessing. Carol

  8. WOW How thrilled your heart must be to have your children so active in serving Him at such young ages. What a blessing indeed. Have a wonderful day. You have made me smile for sure. Blessings, Debbie

  9. I'm so blessed to ready your thankful list! .. I have a 2 year old son and 5 year old daughter..and it's just my desire that they too will serve the Lord as they grow older.

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