Thursday, February 18, 2010

Laugh and every one will laugh with you!

Today is Friday and to me it's the day to end all busy days. I love weekends because it's time to sleep well, eat well, laugh loud, relax and enjoy, attend church service, fellowship with friends, swim to my hearts content or dine and watch a concert, or do my laundry fast speed....hahhaha.... I move a lot, and do things in seconds,, they call me hyperactive.....well to end my blogging week, I want to share this comic strip to all friends out there for good measure. Get a good laugh honey and Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Giggling. Good thing I have my bunny slippers on. :~D

  2. So funny! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier. I loved hearing about your bible, but sorry to hear it was lost. I did not become a Christian until I was out of school, and so I did not own one until I was an adult. Anyway, thanks for sharing that.