Monday, February 1, 2010

All Aboard!....all aboard!

"Whoa! what's up kids? what's the excitement all about?" Well, this was my opening remark when I hurriedly entered the apartment yesterday. I was confused on the thumping and buzzing sounds I heard a distant from where I was doing my gardening. I thought somebody was doing carpentry inside the house without my knowledge. My grown up kids burst in chorus that they are preparing for the coming district wide camping the next weekend. I thought it would be two weeks after today, I think I just lost my memory power this time.

My son was now becoming agitated because he cannot find the complete set of the camping equipment which her Aunt Adi ordered online at . Well, I have to help him then with finding the rest of the Camping Equipment such as Tents and his and her sister's Outdoor Clothing. We needed to air the tent outside because we haven't use it for sometime. My daughter came rushing in announcing that she has taken out from the closets their outdoor clothing. Good for her, for thinking in advance what they needed most at nighttime. It gets mighty cold, especially when the camp sight is located near the ridge of our town's beloved mountain. Well am thankful that she remembered to prepare the outdoor clothing so they would not get a chill during their night time activities. I too, would need those things when we visit the kids in this camp trip.

Wish me luck, the house is in disarray by the way. I need all my strength to help them prepare the things needed though I had on my hand their list. My son is giving me the thumbs up now, telling me he is ravenous for the burger treat I promised them a while ago. Got to go now, and prepare the food, or I would get bear hugs this time with matching hungry growls. Whewww! motherhood can both be challenging and exciting at times.

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