Saturday, February 20, 2010


My Mom, Mommy Joy, during one of her painting exhibits. At the background were her art works, sold and delivered here and abroad.

Today is a special tribute to mom. It's MOM'S B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y TODAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM, WISH YOU ALL THE BEST THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. She is 73 years old today, February 20, 2010. We called her up at lunch and sure enough, mom.....was so happy to hear from us. She was with friends today, though she said she did not plan a celebration but instead just be with her friends. We missed her birthday 'coz , we're so far right now, so we called her up and she said all of us siblings called to sing her, a happy birthday. My brothers' family is giving her a surprise by dinner, so we have to wait for that.

Anyway, my mom has given her life to us. She is not perfect, though she got lots of talents to share. She is a visual artist, and educator, a planner, a musician: plays piano, bass guitar, ukelele and sings. We inherited from her the gift of music and art, 'coz all of us do the same stuffs she does. She had exhibited her paintings many times over locally and has sold her paintings here and abroad. She is very active in church, as a member of the church board, womens ministry, choir, health ministry and what you got there, you see Mom. So all us actually does these activities, charity, volunteering, church name it, we followed her work and we are just like her in so many ways. As a family we have our ups and downs but through all these we survived greatly because we always have God through thick and thin....through traumas and pains, and joys and rejoicing.

We learned from Mom the joy of giving, sharing, loving unconditionally, thanking God everyday, and through it all, toughing out and smiling even in the worst of any situations. She supported us three siblings from high school through college because our dad died early of a heart attack. All of us graduated with a will to succeed. I am the eldest and in my last graduate program, my brother is an engineer and a pastor and my sister is a physical therapist. To top it all she has provided educational scholarship to a dozen or more people we did not even know. With all Mom's heart, she made us children as successful at what we want to be. God is great all the time for sharing us MOM...the greatest in the whole wide world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM....may God shower you with all the good things you want, in this world. Serving the Lord is the best legacy you have given us, and it made us richer in all things!


  1. Oh, I was moved, touched and for a while missed my mother..sigh. HOw fortunate you are to have a a wonderful mother who not only provided education to you and your siblings, but other people as well. I wish your mom a good health and more wonderful years to come! Happy birthday to your Mom!

  2. Btw, im impressed with all her artworks!! wow, amazing!!

  3. Happy birthday to your mom! Today is my son's birthday as well. Her art exhibit looks very cool. Please pass along some birthday blessings from me!

  4. te.. am sure if ma read ni mommy.. she will cry..
    visit amazing grace and see the bday picture..

  5. i have an award for you at

  6. You have an extraordinary Mom. Happy Birthday! You are blessed beyond measure... :~D