Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You Lord....for just everything.

I just feel exhausted, am about to drop. My exam in Anatomy and Physiology ( Biopsychology) was really brain wracking. It was a take home comprehensive exam, but it took me one week to do it. Well, God is really gracious, if we were to take it as is, I don't know what my exam results would be. So for now, I am really, really unbelievably thankful to God for:

Providing us with a very, very, amazing and understanding professor who kept on giving us chances to do our best. Dr. Vicky Mergal, God bless you always.

Safe camping days of our daughter. She is in training for Christian Leadership, and they went camping this week. She said, she really enjoyed all the activities....especially, great!

My son who took the Regional Achievement Exam for Grade Five. We prayed and he took everything in stride. He was tired after the exam but went out to play with his friends....he told me this is stress-busting...hhehehehe go ahead my and make your day.

Success of the University's Triple Accreditation. We had accreditors coming from the US too and from our local area. I think, we passed the interview well. To all who prepared everything, praise God you are still up and kicking. Congratulations to all of us.

To all of you friends in the blogging planet......who are busy, busier than me, busiest at these times....HUGS...BIG...BIG...HUGS!


  1. I love your Thankful heart! I too amy thankful for the blogging community - I love sharing with and hearing from other believers.


  2. Many blessing your way thanks for sharing whats going on in your life sounds like God has it all in his hands. Happy WW

  3. It sounds like you are exercising your brain much. I pray that the results are great. Thank you for visiting Heart Choices on this thankful Thursday.


  4. Wow... I'm not sure.. Sounds like you are pretty busy.. :)
    This is my first visit... Glad to have found your blog.....

    I believe in LAUGHTER as well!

    Hugs back atcha,

  5. WOW...You have been busy...and with soo much brain exercise! Glad it all went well for all of you. God is soo good. Have a wonderful day..

  6. Golly but you are certainly busy- studying and mommying! More power to you!

  7. Wow! Sounds like a very taxing brain week. It's wonderful that you can see God's hand even through the busyness. May you have a wonderful week.

  8. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us. Thank God for His many blessings to you and family! I am praying for all of you.

    Thanks for your kind visit and encouragement. May God continue to guide and bless your family abundantly! Thanks for the BIG...HUGS :)

    BIG...HUGS back to you,

  9. this is quite inspiring! I love people who love to laugh! thanks for visiting my blogs.

    me and my blogs are wishing you a good start of the month! God bless!
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