Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dear Father God,

First and foremost, I must ask your forgiveness for the little faith I have shown in You. As I look back, You have been so very good to me. I have screamed and yelled at you and even early in life I didn't believe You were real. I walked and talked as if You could not hear me. I even still do at times, but I catch it much more quickly now. I am sorry Father.

God, I write to you asking forgiveness for those that still live in those ways. You have taken the blinders off my eyes and I see your tears of sadness for what mankind does to You in our ignorance.

Father, I remember the day quite well that You lifted blinders from me. I now slightly understand the pain you felt when mankind nailed Your precious Son, Jesus Christ to a cross to die. For this day.....a big Thankful Thursday Lord.

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  1. A lovely devotional for today. So lovely that your seccurity word is GOODY!!