Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best of the Best!

I am gearing towards going home after three years of fulltime study. By the time we go home we have to shift through things we packed away for the three years we are away from home. Our plan would include purchase of new furniture because we have sold most of our furniture when we came here in the big city. My sister referred me to rustic furniture she discovered because she said she has purchased some of their product line and she felt satisfied. Well, I have to do the same because I could be picky when it comes to home furniture. I just want to have the best and most comfortable of them all. I have to start saving right now so I can purchase the ones I place a check from the brochure I have seen from their furniture store. I kind of reserved some designs I like so when money is ready I could really purchase the ones that would suit my style, the lighting at home, the color scheme of the receiving area, the dining area and of course the best room in the house.....our bedroom....I want my new furniture just to fit in everything. I want a nice, undisturbed sleep, so part of that comfortability level I always long for would be furniture that says....I could be sleeping tight because everything is just right. Wish me luck and hope you will follow my lead.

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