Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blag!.....meow! blag!......What's coming?

"Hey! what's the emergency all about?" My kids just arrived from school and all of a sudden the house erupted into chaos, simultaneously doors began banging. I was stunned on the event that just happened in front of me. Traffic in the house yesterday noon was so unusually uneventful until my two kids came barging in the front door. One shouted back...."Mom, where is my Halloween costume last year, I need it badly"? " What, you need it now"? I said, not understanding what's going on. My son, suddenly jumped in front of me and said in a rumble....."Mommy, I need mine too, we are going to practice our parts for the Halloween drama and we have three weeks more to go to memorized our lines." "Come on, mom, hurry, help me find the Halloween costume and the rest of the Halloween props that goes with it....come on...hurry up."
Oh my, that was yesterday, but I still have to look for the other pieces of some lost props. I have to go buy some of the needed Awesome Halloween Costumes paraphernalia today. Good day to I only have to call my friend who owns just a shop for these needs. I have five minutes more, got to go now and find those props. I don't want to be in another house traffic come five o'clock this afternoon.

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