Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Lord is the Greatest!

Lord, you are the Greatest that ever happened in my life and for this I am eternally thankful.
My life this week was really full. This is exam week and me, my husband and my classmates are really cracking our internal combustion to study harder, finished the requirements on time and do additional take home case studies. And GOD has really sustained me this far and I know He will always be there. I am thankful this week for:

1. Both two children receiving Outstanding and Achievers Awards in Academics and Curricular Activities yesterday.....Yehheeyyy. I cannot ask for more. Whewwww...I rarely had a hand in their studies nowadays, with me and my husband also studying and getting a grip on everything that's happening in our life.
2. An extra income coming from blogs, and whatever I can do to really help meet our needs.
3. A new found friend, Racquel, she visited us this morning and brought some fresh bounties from her garden......big...big....hugs...Racquel...God has blessed you always and will always open His doors for your generous heart.
4. A free bone scanning, initiated by the College of Health yesterday. My results says, I have pre-Osteopenia....oh my...I have to exercise, exercise and exercise to bring it back to normal. Exercise is proven to be beneficial to bone lose, osteoporosis and over all mental health.
5. A mission project that is 80% done....we did a family fund raising this year to buy a motorboat, so our missionary friends assigned in a very remote island villages can have water transport and continue the mission fields program, we helped started. God is Great All The Time.
5. All friends in the blogsphere.....let's exercise now....and make ourselves more beautiful, positive, and energetic to serve the Lord.


  1. Your list is lovely! So glad your children are doing've made God's business yours by the Missions project you're doing so He's only returning the favour.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead and all the best in your exams.


  2. hi friend, like i said before, visiting your blog always uplifts my spirits and very inspiring! ^0^
    congrats on your children! ^0^
    i'm wishing you'll have greater blessings to come! and yes, God is truly amazing!

  3. You have some very smart kids... like their parents!

    So, what are you doing to bring in extra income on your blogs? I'd like to learn. :~D

    OK, I'm exercising (my fingers on the keyboard).

    (((Hugs))) e-Mom