Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week was full of surprises and we thank the Lord for all the surprises he provided us. The most exciting one and we are thankful of it was...

Fourteen former students who graduated from our College drop by the house for a surprise visit. We were really tongue tied when my husband opened the door and lo....who do you see.... 14 of them.....shrieking at our door and greeting us a happy afternoon....whoaaaaaa......surprise...big surprise....we were hugging, hand shaking, shoulder tapping and really laughing. We were curious how they knew we are in this place, (we are upgrading from a university now, with contract of three years). They chorus that they asked from those who knew us. Wow....we had fun, the talked went from their college experiences and the work they have now. Majority of them are nurses, some are teachers, one has started a business in health products, another one is going to New Zealand two weeks from now, one is enrolled in a graduate program. Our previous house was home to all students, we welcome them as if they are our children and now they have come home again....I was teary eyed when they each bade goodbye...another round of hugs....embraces.....of my I missed our former students now mature professionals working in different companies, mission field, trying to carve a life meant for service to the Lord. They remembered, dropped by to say how we are doing.....and we really missed them. Thank you Lord for, friendships and relationships formed with these young people. Our only dream is for each one of them to be strong in their faith always and serve the Lord.