Monday, March 8, 2010

Unique Finds, Come and Get One!

My sister just phoned two days ago and shared the news that she met someone special. Hahha!, that kind of news, took off the conversation to a new level. We talked about things and stuffs, and came down to how my kids are doing. She told me, by the way that's she's sending gifts for my kids for summer vacation.Our summer vacation from this tropical place I love, starts April so we have to be ready for things my kids will most need so they will really enjoy this summer actions.

She reminded me that my daughter and son will be receiving personalized backpack she will order from this boutique. My sister also told me that if any of my friends want to order things like these she can help them do the ordering or they can visit their cool website. She also mentioned that this boutique specialized in personalized gifts for women, kids and other gifts for important events. One can even order their embroider-able items that could be a unique addition to my backpack collections.

For my son, she would be gifting him with a nap mat and a stephen joseph backpack found from the same boutique.My kids are so excited about these coming gifts so they can be ready for summer actions. Well, am waiting for my share because she said she's trying to figure out what cool summer stuffs she could send me....but she said, I have to wait and see because it's going to be a surprise.Wheew....this is going to be one hot summer vacation with cool things to show off. Some more of it sister, you're a God send!

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