Friday, December 11, 2009

A Most Unusual Christmas Cantata

Last night was a night incomparable to none. We attended an end of the year Christmas Cantata before the school Christmas break that will start December 17. My daughter invited us to their high school Christmas Cantata, "The Birth of Jesus." Well as parents we have to attend, because our daughter will perform with her High School Ensemble, we are on all out support of her music career, she plays the flute by the way. We arrive early so we got the best seats on the Finster Hall. Five minutes before the start of the Cantata the Ensemble began playing beautiful Christmas music. Then the choir came in with all their majesty and started singing two preludes and then a prayer song. After this, the choir sang again and at this point because its a cantata the characters came in one by one miming their parts in duo with the choir singing.In came...King Herod telling the wise men about a royal birth and commanding the came the shepherds in awe with the came...Mary and Joseph carrying baby Jesus...the choir sung, the actors continued playing their roles....Commotion...commotion....our eyes were riveted to the character Mary....we were not aware what the commotion was all about...we were deep into the Cantata now...but again people where straining their necks to the front to the character Mary again. This time I saw it....the baby was live...a real baby, and the baby has started moving uneasily now...and the character Mary was also uneasy...she does not know what to do now..... the audience are already whispering, and even some are already alarm at how actor Mary would pacify the baby....from our row somebody whispered loudly.....Mary needs a Nanny......and we can hear, and everybody heard it.....controlled whimperings from the audience...Oh my.....this was already causing the main characters controlled laughters....Well.....Mary really needs a Nanny...the baby this time really woke up and almost shrieks when she saw an unknown Mary....the grandma ran to the front to take away baby (Jesus)the baby has to be brought back to the real mom....wheeew...what a night of drama in real life. We knew later that night that the characters forgot to bring a doll to represent Jesus....and this mom was so kind enough to hand her baby to the actors while the baby was asleep.Well what a conclusion for the was to me a most unusual Christmas Cantata....everybody did not expect a live performance by a baby...a real baby.

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