Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday...Amen to all things

Simple Things I Thank the Lord for:

Beautiful, amazing kids.
Handsome, hottie Dad!
Intelligent professors,and the not so intelligent ones, i learn new things from you everyday, every minute, every second of the day.
Supportive, noisy, impossible neighbors.
Apos-tolic grandparents.
Crazy brother, sister, sister-in-laws...always there for me and my family.
Friends, loving make me laugh always.Pay me your debt now, guys, hey..
People i meet, surprises me a lot and I want to kiss them, tsuppppp.
Bloggers, bloggin...wheeew, makes my day, man, all of you are great.
Music...everywhere, i see them, hear them, feel them.
Laughter from children, makes me wonder, such gift of innocence.
My two front teeth, they are huge...they used to call me "Axe." cute right?
My two left foot, not made for dancing guys...i just clap.
Other things...Part 2 next TT. C u here.


  1. LOL, clapping is a great substitute for dancing... Loved your list! :~D

  2. great list! welcome! hope you can join us again next week. God bless you!