Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank you Lord

A very special Thankful Thursday today.Part 3
For a sister and a sister in-law who provided our round trip plane tickets so we could go home and visit our folks down south for Christmas.
For our safe arrival today, Dec. 17, home sweet home, we miss our mom, brother and his family,and parents in-laws....yeheeeyyy....we're really back home today. Hugs, hugs, tsupppp---tsupppps and kissessss.......
For my brother, John, who met us in the airport.
For my husbands cousin who also met us in the airport, both brought their cars to fetch us, guys your great, thanks for the ride....2 cars in a row, we felt like royalty...we just have to choose which to take...a hearty bow to you two.
For a great lunch with mom, we specially enjoyed the delicious mangoes...uhhhmmmm, so deliciously sweet, we dived in right there.
For the pilot of Cebu Pacific and the plane staff, you made our trip safe and sound....kudos for a smooth and safe landing. Keep it up guys.
For our room in moms house, all ready with towels, soaps, shampoos,toothpaste, food, etc., as if we are in a hotel, mom knows everything and thought of everything I learned a lot from her and still am learning.We haven't seen her for seven months straight in a row.
For Mom, we love you and you're the GREATEST!

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  1. A lovley post, and a nice tribute to your Mom. And I love mangoes!