Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TT: Thanks a lot

This is another day to thank the Lord for Part 2:

An annoying friend who eventually realize we are not enjoying what she is doing to us, haaayyyy, she got our messages, it was a journey to learn.
For an accepting professor, she understood that when we are beyond forty, we are already beginning to experience the point of no return...or is this an excuse?
For a simple gift, a loaf of bread given by the Dean of a department....some more of it madam! salud....
For a husband who is always in hot pursuit.........."operation studying"...ehhehehe, he is nose-bleeding now from memorizing his anatomy lesson.
Gift of education, we are on study leave...this is the reason of the husbands bleeding disorder mentioned above.
Developmental Alzheimer, I can't seem to recall what my professors lectured....oh, my! extra blessings from above are needed, but i enjoyed class discussions more, what with arguments flying to and fro..exciting...some more of that classmates.
For a very good dinner at a Chinese restaurant last night: Broccoli with fish fillet serve to perfection, fried pasta in mushroom,bamboo shoots and fungus sauce, yummy, yummy tummy....down everything with a sweet blend of mango puree. Can we have take two tomorrow night, I kind of give up home-cooking if this is the case.
My kids, they keep me smiling, frowning, jumping, shouting, laughing, tickling, hugging,etc, etc. though my heart is heavy at times. By the way do you know the meaning of the word etc? it means....end of thinking it? etc. C u next TT time.


  1. Hmmm... bright gyud ka te oi.. imo gui change your heading. I thought of that also.. I link this already to ht host.

  2. A great thankful post! End of thinking capacity? LOL!