Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

A very very Thankful Thursday

For its Christmas day....a day to celebrate and thank God for giving His only Son who died for all of us...... so we live.
For family and friends all over the world who greeted me and my family the best of the sis in the US, my sis-n-law in London, relatives, students, classmates and friends from Australia, USA, Thailand, Africa, Europe, etc.....etc.....thank you for remembering us always.....we love you so much....Merry, merry Christmas.
A new found family sis-in-law whose mom died last year, asked my mom to adopt her siblings, we accepted heartily accepted, so we're a big,big family now....five new siblings with their respective family, children, its a big family gathering tonight..yeeeheeeeeyyyyyy.
For a bright hopeful tomorrow...i do not believe in recession, we always survive coz God always provides......Thank you Lord for all these.
For food on our table, it doesn't matter how simple it is....these are blessings from above....and as we share it with others it becomes more of a blessing.
For carolers who sang in tune, out of tune, above the tune or below the tune....i cannot explain what they are singing...words sometimes are garbled...but the thought and the messages are there....deciphering it makes it the more enjoyable.
For all my blogging friends around, you made my year a beautiful year to remember always, keep on blogging and making waves on the internet. I love you all.
For fellow workers we met recently.....we've grown closer each year though we are far apart now, this is temporary, we are coming back sooner than you would think.
For problems solved, unsolved.....these make my life more challenging, exciting, because I trust in God more, each day.
For all these things I thank the Lord everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of the day. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. I LOVE YOU.MUCHO, MUCHO, MUCHO.
a cat makes life fun

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