Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Am Losing It?

Oh my! Oh my! this was my surprise squeal a week ago when my husband told me that he notice my hair falling and that he has swept a handful of them. I was so stress the week before because of deadlines I have for end of the year narrative reports. I have a series of sleepless nights for three weeks straight and I haven't recovered from it all yet. My husband told me I have to report to
female hair loss clinic pronto today because he has arranged an appointment with the clinic. He said he has taken the liberty to do this because he knew I did not have the time. Thank you, dear husband for your love and concern. I always knew am in good hands. I got to find Julia's number my best-friend, so she can accompany me to the clinic this afternoon. I have to finish though a handful of these reports this morning so I can take off this afternoon. Kiss me luck today!

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