Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My family will be going home very early on Thursday morning. We will be travelling for three days to reach home in time for Christmas preparation. This is the first time we are doing it and everybody is so excited. We will be visiting places along the way, so this is also an educational trip for the whole family. Pray, that this trip will be safe, enjoyable and fruitful. My mom would really be very happy when the family would be home for Christmas.Happy WFW to all friends around and wish us a happy trip.
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  1. Blessings Gemini... May you have a safe and wonderful trip home! May your CHRISTmas be filled with JOY! The JOY of the Spirit is the greatest!
    May your ROAD be traveled well and bring you safely together to celebrate the JOY of CHRISTmas: JESUS! Blessed and joyful CHRISTmas!


  2. How wonderful, a family Christmas. I will pray for safe travel. Come back with lots of good pictures to post!

  3. I pray for safe travels and a wonderful time with your family this Christmas! Thank you for stopping by my blog last week; I am sorry that I couldn't reply right away.
    Merry Christmas and God bless1