Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Season to Get Away!

"Hello Tedd, this is Gladys, I decided not to come home this holiday, but I will try to visit you by summer, so give my hugs to the rest of the family members. Happy Holidays ahead." This was the phone call we received two days ago from my sister-in-law. She sent us a chat message by internet that instead she and her friends decided to take the opportunity to spend the Holidays with this
villa rental for five days. She also said that our package would arrive before Christmas and instructed us to see the labels to see where the rest of the packages be distributed. We would miss her but then we want her to enjoy her off days from the hospital. My sis-in-law is a nurse in one of the hospitals in UK and she has been a great supporter to our activities here at home. She even gave the neighborhood kids a party blast last Christmas, with toys and food galore. Everyone got to enjoy the games, the food, the gifts and the joy of meeting everyone around. This year, we are expecting another of her sponsored parties to the kids in the neighborhood. We are not kids anymore but we sure would enjoy this time! Thanks Gladys for your generosity and enjoy your break in that villa of yours!

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