Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finding the Right One for My Daughter

Just two days ago, I had a conversation via with my sister-in-law who is a nurse in London. Well, come to think of it she surprise the family with a suggestion that she would offer to take my daughter with her to study in London, so she can have the best education in terms of her chosen career. My daughter plans to take up Music with maybe a concentration on performance or piano combine with voice pedagogy. We were so dumbfounded with the offer. We started to plan for this news. I was trying to think of starting her off with a Sixth form college to transition her from our educational system. This would prepare her to advanced school level qualifications.
easter revision courses could be her starting point. I would be contacting them for information and we can get ready as soon as possible. My daughter has to be oriented with the culture, the school, the people and the rest of what she could possibly learn so by the time she will go she is really ready. I would be missing her but a chance like this is hard to come by. Good luck to all of us...preparations must start now!


  1. What a kind and generous offer! And London is so full of all kinds of culture!! Is this your brother's wife or your husband's sister?