Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Gift for Hubby!

March is coming and this March 2011 is a big event for the family. I have two reasons to celebrate and prepare fast. My son who is in Grade six is graduating on March seventeen and my husband's birthday is on the 25th. So what's the fuss about.....well.....for one I have to prepare gifts for this two big events, and everyone seem on edge and are really gearing to make a big celebration out of it. I was exactly eyeing some rustic furniture for my hubby and am still undecided. I have been looking around and finally came across a site I could pick to peek on some very good selections.
leather furniture is the one for him and this one offers a variety of very hardy, sturdy, beautiful furniture. I think I could give my hubby a new study table that fits his busy schedule. Specifications matters, it must be comfortable, durable and could become a master piece in years to come. This one must become a piece my hubby could be proud of to give as an heirloom piece to the next generation. Any suggestion, so far am getting lost with hundreds of selections I'm looking at. Think I could go to the next page of this brochure now...hmmm...this one is nice...that one is nice....why, all are simply beautiful!

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