Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Time........ to Redecorate!

Yeheeey!'s yeheey time for me. My sister-in-law just called a while ago and told me the good news. The good news is, she said on the phone..."Sister, I am on vacation for a month...hhhmmm, and we decided with your brother John that we would volunteer to redo your bathroom this week, is that okay?" "What! is that okay? that is not the it." Yeheey....I was shrieking jubilantly a minute ago...this is dream come true, redecorating my bathroom was a long time dream.....and it's coming true. Sis-in-law just sent in the brochures she said she found from a website she opened and this
Hardwood floor installation cost a dime and have gorgeous designs, and I am really so excited with what I have seen so far. I told my husband that we have to go a Home Depot that has the products from the brochures. Well, husband Ted was just too willing to go, because, in all honesty, my sis-in-law and brother would pay for labor....labor is free...oh my this is not happening and it's making my day.....aheeemmm.....brighter, sunnier...lovelier, you name it...I am ecstatic. I have to be in the depot by ten and I have an hour to hurry now!

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