Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Think We Could Enjoy That?

My wish list for this year is so tall I could pin it from the roof top of the apartment down to the ground. One of the list include attending Monaco Grand Prix in actions, live, so I can shout with the crowd in the excitement of all what there is to see. I have heard of testimonials such as: "We've used Paragon many times to organize our corporate hospitality events." "They are one of the best and I want to be here everyday possible." Their access to sporting personalities, passion for what they deliver and experience sets them apart from others." Wow, that's great! that would be a vacation dream par excellence and with all the concerts and festival I could watch, its a plus bonus bonanza for me. I would choose the best of them and that would be..........Yes...yes...and yes....the
Monaco grand prix hospitality I could be in the midst of everything and enjoy the exclusive access to all prestigious, glittering, and star studded events both on the sports and social calendar without b0ther. to start setting aside money for this dream vacation and one day I will be there!

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