Thursday, November 11, 2010

Easy as Eating My Morning Pancake!

I sometimes got so frustrated when applying for life insurance coverage, busy people like me need extra time to really do and some carriers require a medical exam for all policies, while others require exams only for policies with substantial face values. I found out though that to entice a wider market, many companies are now offering life insurance with no medical examination required but I could just answer health questions provided.By applying for a no medical exam life insurance policy all I have to do is answer some health questions. There is no need to set up an appointment with a medical examiner, provide a blood or urine sample, and have your blood pressure taken or set up any doctor visits to confirm my health status. This is what happened when I found out aboutOnline Life Insurance Additionally, all benefits are 100% income tax-free and I will have wait a thirty-day period in which I can change my mind. If this will happen, I will receive a full refund on my money paid toward a policy.This is so cute it's as easy as eating my morning pancake.Here's an added bonus, it's an easy 3-step process that I can complete from the privacy of my home or office without speaking to an agent or requiring you take a medical exam, I only have to answer a few health questions. If qualified, I can print my in-force life insurance policy in minutes! Yeheey...I cannot wait to do it now, so bye-bye and do it with me too!

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