Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Have Been so Busy, But Thanks God it's Thursday!

My TT Prayer

God, it's been a busy week this past few days.
What with my internship training and all the requirements I have to learn.
Adjustment with a new institutional culture,
new load to learn, new faces to explore, new personalities
to be thankful with.
It's been back breaking, bone creaking, mind boggling pace.
So fast, the clock ticks away, that at times I just forget to pray!
But, Lord just hear my plea....forgive me with all the things
I've gone astray!
Though, I grumble with how things must work, yes Lord, you just understood.
Just, help me get to where I go, protect me Lord, or lest I fall.
Tomorrow will be a new day, and today has just pass away.
The future hold new challenges bold,
And Lord I know You are there to hold.
This old creaking bones reminds me off,
A fairer land where I can rest, the pains and loss,
and victories toss...for those whose faith that's never lost
(Unedited Version for TT)

Thank you friends for all the encouragement, you made my day, I need more of it! Happy Thankful Thursday to all Blogging Friends in this whole wide e-Universe!

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